Radford Villa, incorporating Villa’s Loft is a period ‘home based’, 2 bedroom Bed and Breakfast situated in the Somerset hamlet of Radford 7 miles south from Bath. At RV we aim to cater to most, if not all needs of our visitors, but due to the age and style of our house there are a few inevitable restrictions and limitations and therefore may not meet every requirement, however if you need any additional information please do not hesitate to get in touch before booking.

Radford Villa is situated on Weekesley Lane, a narrow country road and the entrance to our house is almost directly opposite a minor ‘T’ junction. Whilst there is a narrow pavement opposite our property there is no pavement immediately outside our boundary wall and care must be taken when leaving the drive for both pedestrians and drivers of cars. There is restricted visibility also, so again, a point of caution.

There is no public transport operating through Radford however Timsbury the nearest village, approx 1 mile up a hill has a [limited] bus service in operation offering access to Bath, Wells and Bristol, and calling at smaller towns and villages on the route. The nearest train station is in Bath itself. However there are taxi companies available nearby for additional transport which we will be happy to organise or assist you with.

Our house, approached through two high stone pillars and iron gates has a gravel drive which sweeps around a small ‘ roundabout ’ making it easier for access – rather like an in out drive. Ample space is available without us having designated bays, and as in so many places, parking is entirely at the owners’ own risk.

From the gravel drive to the main house there is a shallow lip 3cms up to old uneven paving slabs which form a terrace that runs along the front and side of the house. Up to the Front Door 104cms w there is a 14cm step plus a threshold of 5cm. The brass door handle is on the left hand side 63cm from the step. The door is locked and our guests are given a key on arrival, which must then be returned on departure. At night time there is an outside overhead light above the Main Front Door. In addition light from a security light will assist with visibility.

A ‘non – fixed’ doormat is positioned inside of the Front Door which sits on top of a polished travertine tiled floor. The Dining Room, accessed through a doorway 87cm wide is immediately on the left and has a wooden floor with a rug under the dining table. Our Dining chairs have no arms. The height of the table is 76cm. Further along the Hall is our Sitting Room/Kitchen. It is here, on your arrival that we would like to offer you refreshments. The Sitting Room door is 80cm wide, the door handle on the left side is 92cm from the floor and the flooring here, is again wood with a rug under the sofas. A chandelier hangs over a small coffee table.

The Hall Stairs have a fixed coir mat runner which then abuts a fully fitted wool carpet in the first floor Guest Bedroom. The first flight of stair risers, 11 of them are 17cm deep with a mahogany handrail to the right hand side. Be aware that there is a height restriction at the 4th step which is reduced to 161cm – so be prepared to ‘duck’. There is a partial landing before a further 3 steps varying in depth from 14, 11 and 10cm lead to another landing to the First Guest Bedroom, which is the first door on the left.

The doorway, 82cm wide, handle on left is 77cm from floor and the room light switch can be found on the left, set up 137cm from the floor. Light switches are found either side of the bed for reading and the main lights can also be operated from a remote control beside the bed. There is a kettle, hospitality tray and hairdryer for comfort. All are at your disposal but used at your own risk. The TV is wall mounted on an arm bracket. We suggest restoring the TV to ‘its flat against the wall position’ to avoid any unlikely, but possible ‘concussion’.

In the Guest Bedroom there is a single wide step 18cm deep that leads up to a small platform before entering the ensuite Bathroom. A wooden threshold links the Bedroom carpet to the polished tiled Bathroom floor. Width of door is 88cm. The door handle is on the left hand side 80cm from the floor.

The light switch for the bathroom is outside on the left hand wall and is 137cm from the floor. There are no hand hold grips fitted to the bath. The towel rail/radiator is efficient and therefore gets hot. Towelling bath mats are provided but these are therefore not ‘non-slip’.

Villa’s Loft
Again, the entrance to RV is as above. If you are staying In Villa’s Loft please come to the Main House and we will then show you to VL. We have plans to create a permanent path to the front door, however at the present time there is an extensive area of grass that leads to the accommodation. The approach from the gravel drive is a little uneven but the grass is well mown at all times. Two square concrete paving stones are at the entrance and a small lip into the front door which is 70cm wide.

Ground Floor Lobby
Beyond the doorway is a stone threshold and a 20 cm drop down into the ground floor lobby. Inside the light switch is at a height of 135 cm from the floor on the LHS which operates the lobby and first floor landing lights. Immediately on your left is the flight of 12 carpeted stairs, with 20cm risers and 27cm deep treads that have a right turn at the top into the main living area. There is no hand rail. As the name suggests, it is a loft space, so the stairs are open at the top. There is a banister rail with spindles but no stair gate. Care must be taken particularly at night or in the dark.

At the top of the stairs there is a dual light switch; one operates the stair lights and the other the sitting room overhead lighting. This switch is set at a height of 135cm from the floor.

Sitting Room
Within the sitting room is a wood burning stove which does get very hot when warming the room. There is no guard surrounding the stove so extra care must be taken when it is lit. There is a kettle, hospitality tray and hairdryer for comfort. All are at your disposal but used at your own risk. The TV is wall mounted on an arm bracket. We suggest restoring the TV to flat against the wall position to avoid any unlikely, but possible ‘concussion’.

The light switch to the Bathroom can be found on the LHS of the door, it is set at a height of 135 cm from the floor. The doorway 75 cm wide, the bathroom has a polished tiled floor. A towelling bathmat is supplied, but is not ‘non-slip’. The panelled bath has a shower over and a glass shower screen rests on the ledge of the bath. The screen pivots for cleaning access so care must be taken. The bath does not have grab handles. The chrome heated towel ladder is effective and gets hot.

From the sitting room a doorway, 75 cm wide leads to the Bedroom. There is a light switch 135 cms height from the floor inside the bedroom on the RHS. There is a free standing full length glass mirror in the room. This is not secured and should not be moved. The bedroom TV is wall mounted on an arm bracket. We suggest restoring the TV to flat against the wall position to avoid any unlikely, but possible ‘concussion’.

Accommodation Summary
In summary – our guest bedrooms in both R V and V L are situated upstairs. We do not therefore have any sleeping accommodation on ground level.

Garden – Potential Hazard
Within our grounds runs the beautiful Cam Brook.

Most of the year it’s flow is only a few cm deep and running at a gentle pace. In winter and after heavy rain it can become a fast flowing river running to a depth of over 2 metres. The river banks are a mixture of low walls, guard rails on our bridge and unfenced lawns.

Particular care must be taken at all times when close to the water.